Working Outdoors – Benefits and Top Tips

Working Outdoors – Benefits and Top Tips

Nothing beats a change of scenery during your day at work. For those of us chained to desks either at home or at the office, the same four walls day in, day out, can become counterproductive. Getting out into the open is one way to really let your creativity breathe.

Grab your backpack or laptop bag and head out into the open!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden and work from home, or have the option to, you have the world at your feet. For those of us in apartment blocks or living in the city, your options can be much more limited. Local parks and green spaces usually punctuate cityscapes, so hopefully you can find somewhere suitable.

You might be lucky enough to live close to national parks or places of natural beauty. Making the most of these spots as often as possible will help you connect with nature and live a more wholesome life. 

The Benefits

When working outdoors breathing in fresh air, you should find an uplift in your mood. Deep breaths of clean, fresh air increase happiness, reduce stress and give you more energy. The change of environment boosts creativity and being surrounded by nature has been proven to reduce anxiety.

It’s not just the fresh, floral scents and deep breaths of clean air, the sounds of the outdoors can also serve to soothe. Even if you just take your beaks or lunch outdoors, getting away from the humdrum of the office will provide you a new lease of life when you return.

Top Tips

If you plan on spending the day working out in nature there are a few considerations you should make.

  • Is there adequate phone signal?
  • Are there local amenities (toilets, shops, access to water)?
  • Is there suitable seating?
  • Are there quiet spots so you won’t become distracted?

All that considered, you need to decide what goods you will be taking. If you are an office worker, a laptop is likely to be the number one item on the list.

At Kipling, we have a range of fashionable laptop bags that will snuggly, fit, protect and carry your laptop, with plenty more room for notepads, pens and books. Check our full range through this link.

If you’re planning a full day out in the open, you might want to take a packed lunch as well as your work. Using a large backpack, many of which have separate pouches for your laptop could be a more suitable answer.

For full days outdoors, always check the weather forecast. Getting caught short in the rain could cost you more than half a day’s work! Our large backpacks provide protection from wet weather, some more than others. You can view the full range through this link.

Remember to take drinking water, should there not be access in the immediate area. Something to sit on can always come in handy and if you suspect the weather could turn, an umbrella.

The most important thing to remember, is to enjoy yourself. However you are spending your working day, in or outside of the office, we wish you all the best.