Strapped Up - Bags Built for Adventures

Strapped Up - Bags Built for Adventures

The excitement of taking a holiday or going on an adventure reaches its peak when packing, we are sure you will agree. With lots of different ways to travel, there comes a lot of consideration for the containment of your luggage.

Aside from how you will travel, car, bus, train, plane, you need to consider how much walking you must do. Will you be transferring from one mode of transport to another, what sort of terrain will you cover? All these different factors will determine the type of bag, or bags that you may need.

As a guide, we thought we could outline a few different options and what they are best suited for.


Days Out

When travelling through the day, you need to consider how much time will be spent carrying the bag and what you will need. Will you need continual access to your belongings?

For days out with plenty of walking, backpacks with both shoulder and waist straps are highly advisable. The waist strap adds extra security, stopping the bag from swinging around on your back and potentially causing an issue. These are especially important when carrying heavy loads.

If your day of travel requires a lighter load, cross body bags  present a simplistic, easy to carry, easy to access option.


Long Haul Journeys

Travelling across borders or continents by plane, train, boat or bus will undoubtedly require a suitcase. Your suitcase should be strong and durable to withstand knocks or bumps it may encounter.

When considering a suitcase, you should also be aware that you will more than likely be using it for future expeditions. It is best to find a good all-round suitcase, with wheels, expandable compartments and a handle.


Carry Ons

A great companion for your suitcase, can be found in a duffle bag. Easily compactable for carrying inside the suitcase, duffle bags are usually perfect for hand luggage. If you do not intend on carrying two bags, a conveniently placed duffle bag in a thoughtfully packed suitcase can quickly be filled with what you need for the flight or secondary excursion.

Backpacks are also a firm favourite for flights. The convenience of multiple compartments, straps for your back and in many cases a laptop sleeve, the backpack is the traveller’s choice. For most airlines, their size allowance for carry ons would fit most standard backpacks.

Whatever your travel plans, it is always recommended that you travel as light as possible. When and where you can, you should place the bag down. Using the correct bag, in the correct manner can save you from issues with your posture or back pain.

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