Personalising Your Bag

Personalising Your Bag

Personalising Your Bag

Your bag is your companion, your assistant, your helping hand, lugging your possessions around everywhere you go. As a dedicated member of your team, your bag may reflect a little about your personality.

Kipling understand this and that’s why we have a few options and extras to help you personalise your bag, making it truly yours. Have your bag stand out from the crowd, make it unique and identifiable as your own.


Amongst our selection of accessories, you will find pins, badges, zipper pullers, pouches, stickers and more. Adding them to your bag is a fun way to begin personalising your backpack, pencil case or luggage.

Across our huge range of bags and purses you will also find matching designs. You can mix and match all your favourite designs and give your collection a theme.

Make it Personal

Fancy taking your bag to the next level? Our Make it Personal collection is all about helping you find a suitable style for your bag.

You can choose the colours, patterns and style of bag, then top it off with your own text. You have up to 12 characters to have your say, print your name, your school or whatever creative concept you have in mind.

The process is simple. Through the Make it Personal tab on the website, choose one of the qualifying products and make a purchase. After making your choice and purchase online, visit the Kipling store in The Dubai Mall, where you can choose up to 12 characters that you wish to have printed on the bag or pouch. (only characters of the English language are available for this service)

The process will take up to 48 hours to complete and then your new bag, pencil case or pouch will be ready for collection. Please note, that this service is only available through the Kipling store at The Dubai Mall.

Bangles, Necklaces and more…

What look could not be completed with some Kipling jewellery. Our range of necklaces, bangles, earrings and other delights all sport the same fashionable designs as our bags and pouches.

Whatever your desires for your bags and accessories, we hope there will be something for everyone at our store. Kipling prides itself on being inclusive, widely varied and offering great quality products from a brand trusted the world over.

To see what is new in store, you can follow this link.