Living Inspired – 9-5 and 5-9 Lifestyles

Living Inspired – 9-5 and 5-9 Lifestyles

At Kipling, we are always looking for ways to help you live your life to the fullest. Getting the most out of each day means you can finish it with a sense of accomplishment, sleep well, and prepare for tomorrow.

Finding your 9-5 passions and your 5-9 passions and making sure you fit them both into each day is the key. Working in a job you enjoy can be easier said than done, but with a little 5-9 activity topping each day off, you have achievable goals.

Never Work a Day in your Life

They say find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Whilst this might be true, finding work that you love does not just happen by chance. To truly enjoy our work we must implement positive practices, find solutions to problems and become accepting of our positions.

We spoke to Jess, a nail technician by day and budding DJ by night. She had this to say about her job,

“Connecting with people in a relaxed setting and collaborating to create beautiful art are what I love about being a nail artist. I have had so many wholesome and insightful conversations with my clients and I’ve been blessed to have experienced different lives through them.

I finish my shifts feeling like I’ve travelled the world. They all take me to different destinations for an hour or so”.

Flip the Negatives

If you are struggling with enjoying work, try making a list of the pros and cons of the job. Once compiled, do your best to turn the negatives into positives. With the right mindset, there is always an answer to your conundrum.

A long or time-consuming commute can be spun into a positive with books or audio books. If routes permit, you could cycle to work. Seeking out the solutions and creating a goal or reward will pay dividends both in and out of your job.

5-9 Passions

Outside of work life, your time is your own. Filling it with creative, relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable activities will help you unwind and find piece of mind. Your hobbies define who you are more so than the workplace, so pack your evenings out with the things that make you happy.

For those of us with more physical jobs, your evening might comprise of nothing more than the television or some music. Meditation, yoga and reading or writing can all soothe the mind, slowing your heart rate and really making the most of your downtime.

Our favourite DJ and nail technician Jess gave us a little insight into her hobbies and downtime.

“Music and DJing is like my therapy. It helps me to connect with myself and release all my stresses and worries. My role as a nail artist is having intimate conversations with someone else, but making my own music is a conversation with myself – it’s often a very introspective and deep experience.

DJing is a way for me to express my fun and free-spirited side and celebrate life! Having this outlet is like a ritual to me and allows me to keep my life balanced. It’s how I fill my own cup before being able to carry and pour love into others.”

The Balance

A gentle transition between the 9-5 and 5-9 lifestyles will certainly boost the outcome of your day. Reflecting on your working day during the evening, and perhaps even finding inspiration in your creative ventures, sees one lifestyle feed the other.

Jess shares with us her seamless transition from the 9-5 to the 5-9.  

“Changing between passions is a natural process to me. Doing nails in the daytime and making music in the evening is a way for me to let go of and celebrate the day. When writing music, I find this especially true as lyrically I will be influenced by the conversations I’ve had during the day and be able to ‘journal’ sonically. Being able to be mobile with my headphones and USB on me at all times is super important.”

With our lightweight bags, Kipling help to keep living on the lite side. Taking Jess from the nail bar and up behind the decks, there’s no holding her back.

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