Kipling Art Tote Bag – Celebrating Female Artists

Kipling Art Tote Bag – Celebrating Female Artists

Last month Kipling released three new tote bags as part of the Art Tote Bag collection. In celebration of International Women’s Day these bags came through a different design process. Each design was a different interpretation of female empowerment, designed by a different artist.

Kipling teamed up with the renowned creatives, allowing them to put their spin on the collection. The brief was to create bags that represented what it means to be a female creative, but also to celebrate the accomplishments of women worldwide.

Our three creatives were chosen for their artistic flare, but also their entrepreneurial tenacity that has led them to success. Each create responsibly made art, in three very different disciplines within the art world. Their designs portray three individual stories, and we could not be prouder to include them in this year’s collection.

Art M Marylou AF++ Marylou Print

The first of our artists is Marylou, from London, UK. With the grip of the pandemic loosening on the world, she wanted to reflect on pre-lockdown times when people could be together. Bright and bold colours with graphic compositions come together, giving a sense of joyfulness and freedom. Also celebrating the female form, the designs are printed onto 100% recycled nylon.

You can follow this link to Marylou’s bag.

Art M Jessica AF++ Krispy Flower Print

Our second artist hails from New York. Jessica owns a sweetshop and began to create beautiful and delicious treats when she realised food colouring could be added to Rice Crispies. Her crispie and colourful art is represented in the colourful flowers that line her bag. The flowers, although 2 dimensional, are raised from the bag to make them pop and add an extra dimension. The textured nylon base of the bag is made with 100% recycled fabric.

Click here to see Jessica’s flowery and colourful creation.

Art M Grace AF++ Grace Black Combo

Our third and final artist is Grace, a knit designer from Hong Kong. We met Grace through Redress, an environmental charity which looks to transform textile waste into a circular economy. By teaching young creatives about responsible practices from the design up, they hope to bring around change to the industry by shaping its future.

Graces bag features webbing and quilting, giving various textures, patterns and colours which bring the bag to life. The front pocket is detachable and doubles as a cross body bag. Inside there is a laptop pocket and a false bottom which doubles as a divider for the main compartment.

Check Graces bag out through this link.

With each artist’s design telling a different story, there is a cohesive message as well. Always be your authentic self. Kipling’s mission of lightening your step continues, in celebration of women, and with 3 new designs from 3 talented women.

To see our full range of Art Tote bags, you can follow this link.