How to Choose a Bag for Someone Else

How to Choose a Bag for Someone Else

Perhaps a less considered gift for festive periods, birthdays or any other special occasion is a bag. With their huge variety of styles, purposes and uses there is definitely a bag out there for everyone. Not only that, but it is a gift that can be used over, and over, and over again.

How you choose the perfect bag to make the perfect present is entirely down to you. There are some considerations you may want to take into account though, especially when it comes to larger bags.


First and foremost, you want to choose a good quality bag as bags are generally hard working. If the stitching and seams are lacking or the material is too thin, it may end up being more of an embarrassment than a gift.

A good quality bag will be double stitched, have plenty of cushioning in the appropriate areas and use quality hardware. Check the materials used for zips and drawstrings as well as the material used for the bag itself. Lightweight brass zips and thin, poorly bound drawstrings are usually a giveaway that the bag has been cheaply made.


What will be the function of the bag? Will it be used for carrying heavier items, and will it need pockets for extras? Dependent on the intended use of the bag, you may need large spaces for books or clothes, or small pockets for stationary, toiletries or documents.

If the bag is intended to be used for travel, does it have the appropriate capacity whilst also remaining a suitable weight for its user. When it comes to backpacks, larger bags packed full can pose a risk to your back, so careful consideration should be given to the size and suitability.



Having taken the bags function into account, you should then consider its look. If you are buying a school bag, does it fit with the school or colleges policy? For the travellers in your life, what sort of travel do they undertake? In business, bright coloured and flamboyant bags could present the wrong image when arriving at a meeting.

With smaller bags intended more as a fashion accessory, you may not need to consider the function of the bag. Thinking about the colours that a person might wear or a style or image they portray will help you find a bag they can fall in love with.

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