Handbag Trends - What is New, Hot and Not

Handbag Trends - What is New, Hot and Not

To some, handbags are an essential item. To others, they are a fashion accessory. For many women out there, they are life, an addiction, a hobby, a status symbol. The handbag has become part of an outfit, even the lynchpin in some cases. Keeping up with what is new, hot and not can be tiresome.

The rise in popularity is largely due to women’s independence, but also to the boom in rail and sea travel experienced in the early 1900’s. Designer luggage gave way to a new breed of bag, ones that were as classy as they were practical.

Fast forward 100 years and handbags are a billion-dollar business, around $50 billion, actually, and that is predicted to nearly double by 2028. With designer bags selling for record prices at auctions and even stocked and traded by pawnbrokers, the hype around the handbag is very real.

Just like all fashion, handbags have trends. As the seasons pass by, manufacturers try their luck with new styles and colour schemes hoping to spark the next fad. So, what are the latest trends in the world of handbags?

Crossbody Bags

Over the last few years crossbody bags have come back into fashion. In part, this is due to the ever-increasing size and value of mobile phones. The more you need to carry around, the bigger the bag, and the list of essential personal possessions never seems to reduce.

Falling short of the bottomless shoulder bag, the crossbody provides more than enough room to store phones, purses, makeup bags and a bit of shopping. The security of having the bag across your chest and close to your line of sight gives the bonus of deterring any sticky-fingered opportunists as well.

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Tote Bags

Over the last ten years, the tote bag has continued to rise in popularity. A fantastic shopping companion, the fall of the single use plastic carrier bag may have had a hand in the tote bucking trends. When out shopping, a tote bag provides the perfect solution to packing in purchases.

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Clutches and Clasps

These little works of delights have never really been far from the limelight. When it comes to evening dresses, gowns and glamour, nobody wants a strap crinkling up their style. A small clutch or clasp is the perfect addition to any outfit. With the choice of bags available in 2021, it isn’t usually too difficult to find one that compliments your look.

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