Best Bags for Shopping Trips

Best Bags for Shopping Trips

We know our ladies love a shopping trip. Spending a day in the mall or around the town is a welcome break from the mundanity of life. But what are the best shopping bags for shopping trips?

The day can be an event all on its own, with multiple heats arriving in the way of shops and coffee spots. Dealing with a day’s shopping, especially if you do not have a car in a handy location, can certainly be a handful.

With proper preparation however, you may find your load lightened and your fingers free. Finding a suitable shopping bag or bags, should not be too difficult.


Bags in Bags


In an age where we are all trying our best to look after the environment, plastic carrier bags have found themselves under the hammer. When you are planning your trip, carefully planning a strategy for your bags can make a huge difference to your day.

Luckily, with the downfall of the single use plastic carrier bag, came the rise of the trusty Tote bag. Tote bags are available in a range of sizes, shapes and materials that are the serial shopper’s saviour.

With a large leather Tote bag over your shoulder, and three more folded up inside, the days treasures are safely stored, and manoeuvred. Take a mix of over the shoulder and hand Tote bags, that way you can carry more, and hopefully keep a hand free for routing through racks.

Tote bags are perfectly stored for those last minute or spur of the moment shops. Keep them handy in your larger bags, stored away in pockets. With their shopping bag design, they are perfect for the job.


Bags on Backs

If you are heading out with specific items in mind, its much easier to plan ahead. When it comes to heavier items, you might want to consider a backpack. Much easier for a shorter trip, and great for spreading that weight.

Again, backpacks are great for storing other bags. Pack the pockets with fold away bags, such as Tote bags and bring them out when you need. As a light shopping bag, textile Tote bags will not add any extra weight to your expedition.


Safety and Security

If you are out shopping in busy cities or busy shopping malls, always consider the security of your valuables. Especially if your shopping trip entails purchasing high value items. It is sad that this must be highlighted, but opportunists pray on the hustle and bustle of the city for their ill-gotten gains.

Concealed zips or even locks, splashproof material and RFID card blocking pouches will all provide extra security for you and your belongings. You may want to consider a cross body bag rather than a handbag. Having everything within your line of sight and close to your chest is the safest bet.

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