Best Bags for a Trip to the City

Best Bags for a Trip to the City

At Kipling, we know bags. And we’ve made a few over the years, from shopping to hiking, studying to travelling and fashion to functional. We have bags for every occasion including the best travel backpacks and many varieties of Kipling crossbody bags.

When planning a trip anywhere, there will usually be specifics which govern the sort of bag you should use.

So, what about a trip to the city?

Cities are fast paced, often crowded and have a multitude of transport means, all with their own demands. Taking the appropriate bag can make all the difference to the ease with which you travel.

When planning a trip to the city, you should think about: -

  • The purpose of your visit (business, pleasure, shopping, events etc)?
  • Will you be packing items that have extra requirements (laptop, valuables, clothing etc)?
  • How will you be travelling around the city (walking, metro, taxi, subway)?

The purpose of your visit will undoubtedly lead onto items that have extra requirements. If it’s a business trip and you must take a laptop, looking for a bag which accommodates that will reduce any risk of damage. When travelling on subways, they can often become crowded, so think about how you will carry your bag and if it adds to the space you take up.


The most versatile of bags is the backpack. Designed to sit on your shoulders with dual straps, they are perfect for carrying heavier loads with ease. Suited to longer days and larger loads, backpacks are an easy way to navigate the city with all your belongings.

Quite often, modern backpacks have sleeves at the back for laptops, pockets both inside and out for smaller items and valuables, as well as adjustable straps for varying loads.

For valuables, you should look to keep them safe in the inside pockets of your backpack. This frees up the outside pockets for items you may need access to regularly, such as rail or bus cards, drinks or headphones.

Pros: -

  • Easily carry heavy loads.
  • Lots of pockets inside and out.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Comfortable and convenient.

Cons: -

  • Will add extra width to your circumference (although handles at the top mean they can also be carried by your legs).
  • Attractive to pickpockets in crowded spaces.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags, such as satchels are great for accessibility, safety and mobility. Distributing the weight across your body, the bags don’t generally hold as much as a backpack, but you can find examples with laptop sleeves for smaller laptops and plenty of pockets, inside and out.

With all your belongings dangling in front of you, you can access the pockets and main compartment as everything is there, at arm’s length. Adjustable straps allow you to set the bag at a distance that won’t interfere with mobility, and the zipped pockets found on the front are great for security.

Pros: -

  • Easy to carry and access on the go.
  • Secure pockets.
  • Great mobility.

Cons: -

  • Smaller capacity than a backpack.

Of course, these are just two suggestions for your visit to the city. When making your initial considerations for the journey, you may find you require something completely different. Weekends away may dictate multiple bags.

However you travel, be sure to keep safe. Many bags offer extra visibility with reflective strips and bright colours. These additions can come in handy, particularly if you are travelling at night or on roads with a bike.

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