Bags for an Excursion to the Beach

Bags for an Excursion to the Beach

When planning an excursion to the beach one of the most important considerations is your bag. It needs to be practical, convenient and keep your belongings safe.

Finding the right bag will also depend on the type of beach trip you are planning. Will you be swimming, eating, walking or sightseeing? Are you taking family, friends or young children?

You will also need to consider the type of beach. Not all beaches are miles upon miles of golden sand. Some beaches can be full of pebbles and shells or there may be dunes and dune grass to contend with.

All these factors will tell you what you need to take to be prepared, and once you have complied that list, you can then consider your bag.


If your day consists of sun loungers, tanning and relaxing you can travel fairly light. You’ll need but a few essentials in the way of towels, suncream, hats, glasses, drinks and flip flops.

A larger tote bag should be more than suitable for this type of excursion. With easy access to your sun cream, some external zipped pockets for keys, wallets, purses and phones and plenty of room for your clothes.

Check out this large, unisex Blazing Grey tote, perfect for a day in the sun.

Sun, Sea and Sand

For a family day out, you may want to consider more than one bag. Taking a backpack for swimwear, sunblock, flip flops and towels, and a tote bag for your sandwiches, drinks and valuables. With the tote bag providing easy access to things that will be required throughout the day, your backpack can be filled with clothing and towels.

The backpack should be water resistant and preferably with covers over the zips. Sand is notorious for getting into every nook and cranny, so these flaps will help keep your bag from filling up with sand, even when closed.

With three external pockets, including one each side for water bottles and two main compartments, our unisex, large Valley Grey backpack has plenty of capacity for all your swimwear and towels.

Walks and Sightseeing

Remember to pack suitable footwear as well as your flip flops! If you plan on taking a stroll along the coast, you should look at taking some suitable footwear. For your bag, maybe find something a little more lightweight and streamlined, so as not to hinder your manoeuvrability.

The Firefly Up Black Noir doubles as a shoulder bag. With a large compartment and plenty of small externals, this lightweight, compact bag is superb for short walks up and down coastal landscapes.

Whatever type of beach excursion you have planned, remember to keep protected from the sun and stay hydrated.

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