Arranged and Accessible – Utilising Your Bag’s Compartments

Arranged and Accessible – Utilising Your Bag’s Compartments


Whether you are heading off to college, going out shopping, on a hike or away on holiday, the rules to packing stay the same. Dependent on the type of bag or excursion, where you store the smaller items may differ.

Bags should always be packed with the heavier items at the bottom. This not only saves your lighter items from being crushed but will make carrying the load much easier. Proper planning will save excessive weight and ultimately your back.

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Utilising Pockets

When it comes to the pockets and pouches found on your travel companion, it is also worth planning ahead of your adventure. Keeping most needed items accessible yet safe should be the main objective of this plan.

Internal Pockets and Pouches

The pockets inside of your bag would be best used for items you need to keep more secure, such as medicine or money. On longer travels, you may want to keep documents inside of the bag, where they are safe from opportunists.

If you are travelling through busy cities or shopping malls this can be particularly important. Purses, wallets and mobile phones, if not in your pocket, should never be kept in an outside pocket or pouch  of your bag.

The exception to this rule would be for a hip pocket or strap pocket for your phone. If the pocket is within sight, or of proximity to your hand, there is much less chance of it being accessed without your knowledge.


External Pockets and Pouches

The pockets around the outside of your bag should be used for items that you need quick access to. These could include bottles of water, glasses or sunglasses, snacks, maps, make-up, pens, planners etc.

When storing items such as glasses, always use a glasses case for those stored in the external pockets or pouches. As anything in the outside compartments of your bag is more susceptible to bumps and knocks, it is important to make sure they have adequate protection.


Smaller Bags and Pouches

Using smaller bags to house items such as make-up or toiletries together can also come in handy. Especially if you need to user the items in conjunction with each other. These can be kept safely in the main compartment of your bag and should not be too difficult to find.

Again, the key to comfort and accessibility is proper planning. For shopping, think about what you will likely be purchasing and how many bags you will need. For expeditions into the wild, taking only the essentials and packing logically is the key.

For a trip out for lunch, prepping your handbag can save the embarrassment of emptying its contents onto the table to find your cash or lipstick.

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